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An Empty Box

That is the sum total of the recipes from the box.  140-odd slices of life.  Recipes that a few people enjoyed enough to save, to make for special occasions; to pass on.

I may one day get round to trying some of these recipes out – if I do I will post the resultant whatever-it-ends-up-like on here rather than on my main blog.

In the meantime, off to start a new project.  Thanks for tuning in!

The Creative Toe


Granny’s Dorset Apple Cake

Source – Betty


8 oz self-raising flour; 1 tsp baking powder; 4 oz butter/margerine; 4 oz granulated sugar; approx 6 oz cooking apples – more; 1 egg; a little milk.


Grease a large sandwich tin.  Peel, core & slice apples.  Seive flour & baking powder.  Rub in fat & add sugar.  Stir in apples & mix to a v. thick consistency with the egg & a little milk if necessary.  Cook 375-400 [F?] for about 30 mins or until apple is soft & cake nicely brown.  (Split open, spread with butter & demerara sugar.  Put together & serve at once.  Cream.

Spiced Carrot Salad

Source – House & Garden, Aug ’86 [?]

Serves 6.  A good portable salad for picnics as it can be dressed in advance without turning limp.  Serve with small wedges of Little Gem.


1 lb grated carrots; 2-3 oz raisins; 1 tsp ground cumin; 2 oz flaked or slivered almonds – toasted; 1/4 pint well flavoured vinaigrette; salt & pepper.


Simply toss all together & store in a well-sealed picnic container.  Can be made the night before but not frozen.

Bread And Butter Pudding

Source – Country Living, Oct ’89


4-5 slices buttered bread; 3 oz currants soaked in orange juice or brandy; 1 tbsp crystallised ginger; 1 pt milk; 3 eggs; 2 oz sugar; grated nutmeg.


Put a layer of bread in the bottom of a small pie dish.  Sprinkle with currants & ginger.  Finish [?] with layers of the rest of the bread & dried fruit.  The last layer must be laid buttered side up.  Beat the milk with the eggs & *2 oz of the sugar & pour this custard over the bread.  Sprinkle with the rest of the sugar* & finish with a dusting of nutmeg.  Bake in a moderate oven @ 350 F for 25-30 mins until well-gilded [?] and set.  Serve with thick cream & brown sugar.

* something wrong somewhere [no note as to any corrective measurements]

Seville Marmalade

Source – unknown, Nov 82

Thin Cut Marmalade


? seville oranges; 3/4 pint water; 4 lb sugar


Empty contents into pan.  Add 3/4 pint of water.  Stir in 4 lbs sugar – bring to boil, stirring continuously with wooden spoon.  Reduce heat to prevent contents boiling over but maintain a food boil for a further 15 mins.  Add knob of butter about the size of a pea during boiling to disperse foam.  Test for setting – remove from heat & test on sacer in cold place.  When set, allow to stand for 5-10 mins & pour into warmed jars.  If peel floats stir each jar with a spoon.  Cover in usual way.


Source – Mary Meredith

Makes just over 3/4 pint.


3 egg yolks (2 whole eggs if using liquidiser method); 3/4 pint salad oil; 3 level tsp french mustard; good pinch caster sugar; salt & freshly ground black pepper; almost 2 tbsp distilled wine or white vinegar.


The eggs & oil should be at room temperature.  Mix yolks with mustard, sugar, pepper & good pinch salt.  Measure oil into a jug, then add a drop at a time to the yolks, beating all the time with a wooden spoon.  When mayonnaise starts to thicken, but not before, the oil can be added a little more quickly.  When it is really thick, add a little vinegar to thin it & to keep the right consistency, then re-season.  Can be kept in a screw topped jar in refrigerator.


Source – unknown


8 oz flour; 2 oz margerine; salt; baking powder; 1 tsp sugar.


Warm – 2 cups plain flour, tsp of baking powder for each cup, tsp sugar for every cup flour add 1/2 cup of milk [?].  Mix with fork – quickly.  When mixture hangs together, turn out.  On floured board, loosely mix – dont touch top.  Take sharp knife & cut straight down the middle.  Pick up with slice & place on warmed floured tray.  Hot oven 15 mins.